Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Sock Enabling and regifting.

Some "old family friends" [the husband is one of my college buddies and went to high school with my DH, and I'm pretty sure he's the one responsible for introducing us] are moving cross-country (the long way) to Seattle. Soon. Whenever I knit socks in front of her, I hear, "Oh, I wish I could do that!" And put in a request for size 9 socks, jewel tones when we were there this weekend. DH went to pick up some furniture from them last night and I sent him with one of my new bags with my copy of the Harlot's Knitting Rules (good sock recipe), bookmarked with a printout of Little Knits, 2.25mm needles, Lorna's Laces Uptown cast on with 60 stitches in 2x2 rib. I got about 2 1/3 rounds done by the time DH had to go. In the process, I regifted a couple things - the yarn was a birthday present from my sister and the Knitting Rules was a mother's day gift [very good book. Even if she doesn't make the socks, it'll give her lots of neat ideas]. But, hey. I figure it's a long flight from Orlando to Seattle. It'll give her something fun to do on the plane.

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