Saturday, August 12, 2006

Saturdays seem to be for sewing around here.

Well, I didn't sew today, but did some prep last night. You wanna see what I made last Saturday?

1. A beach bag. This is it with 4 beach towels loaded in. The handles are twill tape. They might be a little long, but I think it'll work OK. Clearance fabric. Wah ha ha ha. Exterior is like a drapery fabric weight, inside is something that looks like fancy burlap. The end of the bolt said something about boucle. IMG_5047

2. Medium sized tote bag. Remnants. Not sure how to describe the trim I used for handles. Not as thick as a webbing. Sort of like gauze bandages, but more sturdy. I think both the inside and outside are something like a cotton duck. IMG_5044

3. Formal tote. A smaller size. Remnants. Exterior is silk (dupioni? the kind with the slubs). The inside is the kind of taffeta stuff that changes color when you look at it. It's chocolate-to-copper-to-black. The handles are like a nylon woven thing. not as thick as webbing, kind of a little heavier than a twill tape. About the size for a sock project. IMG_5043

4. A cute silk pouch. Gold nylon cord drawstring. Inside and outside are the same silk from above. The silk was a little tricky. It really wanted to unravel and fall apart. IMG_5042

Next up for sewing: finishing the quilt top for my nephew to be and a tote purse for me, made from a Martha Stewart dishtowel, some 80-cent-a-yard fabric and some ribbons for handles.

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