Thursday, July 27, 2006

Kind of a random Thursday

1. The yarn for LaLa's sweater (thanks Lori for asking. :^) ) is Arucania Nature Wool, color 120 - click the middle shade card option on the link. The photo is surprisingly true to the actual color. I would have to say that it doesn't seem to be colorfast. My needles are turning blue. I like the beachyness that the uneven color gives the sweater. It reminds me of pigment dyed t-shirts.

2. I think I'm going to use (but I keep going back and forth on this) a Knitting Pure and Simple roll-top baby sweater (#214) for the Philly baby. But I kind of feel like I could figure that out myself and all I need are approximate directions and a finished size. But I've seen a bunch of people around in blogland knitting some of their patterns (for kids and grownups), and they're just clean, simple designs.....There's also an Ann Norling pattern that's tempting.

3. Friday is my anniversary. 5 years. We got married in criminal court.

4. Friday is also "meet the teacher" only they don't call it that in middle school. It's "schedule pick-up". The monkey goes back to school on Monday. It's not even freakin' August yet. Looks like next year that won't be a problem.

5. I started on the first sleeve for La's sweater and started turning the heel on BIL's sock.

6. I found a pattern that looks like more fun for my mom's scarf (Knitty's Wavy has like a 45 row repeat, which, while it looks nice, is too involved for me right now.) It's the "Not Quite Straight Scarf"

7. I'm going to go to Kmart this weekend or the thrift store next to my Publix to see if I can find something interesting to make a tote-purse. I saw the idea at Zhinka Dinka Doo.

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Catherine said...

Belated happy anniversary, and what a COOL idea to get married there! I must point that out to the Girlchild if she is still here when she finally finds the guy who passes her many tests. She may have him now, he's lasted longer than the previous contestants - we shall see.