Wednesday, September 27, 2006


I forgot to show you guys this - I made a sleeping-bag sheet for DH last weekend. I don't think he likes the sheet we used very much, but it was on clearance at Target, and I figure it'll be dark when he's using it. All it is is a twin sheet, folded in half, sewn across the bottom and halfway up the side. I made one for the Monkey the first summer he went to summer camp and now he uses it all the time. It's hardly ever cold enough here to warrant a full-fledged sleeping bag on a camping trip. My mom made something similar for us when we went to camp. I have fleece to make a similar thing for both DH and the monkey.

sleeping bag liner

I finally was feeling better enough to try the Shetland Triangle again. I did the first chart Monday night. Except DH kept changing the channel to Studio 60 from football and I ended up one stitch short at the end. Poop. I seriously debated whether to keep going or rip it back. I ended up ripping it back and doing it again last night. Success! I counted the stitches every couple of rows to make sure that I was still on track (and it's a good thing too!) I decided that knitting lace is probably for people who are able to balance their checkbook to the penny. Me? I have about a $400 difference between the bank and Quicken. (Quicken says less, so that's what I go by.) And I'm OK with that. If we ever have to change banks, it'll kind of suck, but I don't have any plans for that right now.

Here's a crummy picture of how it is now:

I like the yarn, I think. It's not great - it's a little splitty and it's slippery softness is a double edged sword. I think it'll be a nice end result, but it's a little tricky to work with.

Also on the needles:
Jaywalkers for my sister - ready to do the gusset. Will probably pick it up again soon.

Sweater for the monkey - bottom up. Nearly finished with the first ball of yarn, almost halfway to the armpits.

Garter stitch scarf - on the second ball of yarn, probably out of three.

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