Thursday, September 28, 2006

2 days in a row!

Whoda thunk?

I got out the sewing machine last night - La went to bed a little early, and I cranked some stuff out before Project Runway (another whoda thunk - no one was eliminated?)

I made the fleece sleeping bag "liners" for DH and the monkey. (no pics). And I trimmed up and did the binding on the nephew quilt. Here it is finished:

IMG_5313 I'm pretty happy with it. It's bound with that prepackaged nylon blanket edging stuff. It's not for the faint of heart. It gets all buckled and it's hard to do the corners and I'm sure if I look at it funny, it'll fray it's pants right off. But here's my rationale. It's a baby quit. It's an experience in texture and color for the baby, right? That's why the colors are a little loud, and the back is flannel (soft), and the egde is that nylon blanket edging (slippery/silky). Once I squared it up and put on the binding, it was like it all came together. I'm pretty happy with how it turned out. Along about the quilting phase I was having some serious doubts. The edges were all crazy, I wasn't sure about my quilting strategy. But, I think it's OK.

I even had a little time to sew up some of the coins for the Chinese coin quilt that are cut out and ready. I'm at a phase, though, where not much is cut out and ready to sew (but I did clear the stack a little) and the next step is ironing and cutting (blech.) I think I have a plan for the quilt for LaLa. I've been wandering though the quilt pictures on Flickr. Quite inspirational. So, anyway, next up for the sewing machine are finishing the green/yellow quilt, pajama pants for Lala, a dress for LaLa, quilts for La and the Monkey, and then inserting other things as they arise - bags, pajama pants for nephews, a remote caddy for the arm of the couch, grocery bags (these were both requests from DH), a couple other quilt ideas I've got....stuff like that.

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