Friday, September 01, 2006

You wanna see what I've been working on?

These pictures and stuff are from Wednesday, when we had the "day off" for Ernesto. Fortunately, the storm was really not bad at all here.

I made a "library bag" for the monkey. You know what I think it needs? A freezer paper stencil.




I took the monkey's measurements, swatched and came up with a game plan for a sweater - it'll be a lot like LaLa's, but with raglan arms.


I finished turning the heel on DH's sock and got pretty far. Today I frogged that puppy, and this pair of socks is going in to time out for a while. The two were not matching, and I'm not sure where to start in the yarn color sequence to get them to match or nearly match. Time out is probably the best place for the socks now, because I'm seriously considering frogging the first one. Or just starting a different pair that will be easier to manage. But this means the needles are freed up to make socks for my little sister.


I worked on LaLa's balloon curtains. I think they're going to be tab-top curtains. The game plan is to turn under the edges of the panels, attach the tabs and hang them from the rod. Then I can see how short to make them. I've got one panel ready for tabs and the second one needs a top and bottom hem, and then it'll be caught up.


And, finally I added the blue border around the quilt for my nephew. I think it's fabulous. Here it is with the ducky flannel that will be the backing. Amazingly, I think I've become a seam pressing convert. It really does add a lot.



Oh, and I resewed my bag with the wonky corner. The bad news? It's still wonky since the side panels are not the same height. And it probably would "leak" small stuff. I learned a lot, though, if I try something like this again. But I think this is going to stay wonky. It's a great size for if I needed to bring my lunch + a sock bag + a couple packs of snacks to the office in the morning.


Oh, and one other thing. You remember that laptop case from last fall's IK that I was making for my mom? Well, I gave up on it. I'd also been obsessing about wouldn't it be cool to have felted coasters. But I would like it better if they were striped coasters. Epiphany! Felt the laptop case (It was just a straight piece of stockinette, destined to be felted one day anyway) and cut it into coasters! I think the results are snazzy. I got three sets of four out of it. One set for us (the wonky ones, of course) and two sets to save for gifts for people who might like them.


My sister's coming this weekend and I can't wait to show her the stuff I've been working on, give her the socks for her DH, and try on the potential CTH sock for her/let her pick out a sock pattern for the LL Icehouse.

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