Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Vote Early and Vote Often, that's what I always say.

/*edited to add photos*/

Just because I think it's a funny phrase, and not because I endorse voter fraud. When I was pregnant and voting, the pollworkers didn't seem to think it was funny that I said I was "voting for two". Strictly speaking, I still am, since LaLa isn't old enough to vote yet (though I have to think she's a lot smarter than some of the candidates, even at 3 1/2, and not just because I'm biased, either.) We hit the primaries this morning on the way to work. We got stickers. La seemed to be a little disappointed that we all got the same sticker.

My sister and my nephews (age 2 and 4mos) visited this weekend - it was a lot of fun. My littlest nephew has turned into a happy baby since his heart surgery. What could be better? Murmurs on the mend and giggles.

I had Becky take a look at the sock options. She got to choose from several patterns, including Jaywalker, Mata Hari, and BMG Footies for the LL Icehouse that she picked out. She went with the Jaywalker. Which I had already printed out the pattern. Sadly, it's hard to do things that require paying a certain amount of attention while knitting the jaywalkers. Such as: navigating and reading about C#. I blame not the pattern so much as how transfixed I am by it and the yarn. Even the 2x2 ribbing on the cuff was a problem. I'm really going to have to make some of these for myself.


She also tried on and seemed to really like the CTH socks that were in progress. She was drawn to the squishiness of the yarn, as I thought she would be. They've got about an inch or inch and a half before starting the toes. I'm going to have to bring these in for the work knitting.


We also made freezer paper shirts. Once again Microsoft Office Clipart came through. LaLa and Becky's family all will have their own train shirts. My two year old nephew got to paint his own. As forgiving as the freezer paper technique is, he did go "outside the lines". I turned it into smoke, and hopefully didn't really "ruin" it. Photos to come. Otherwise, we might just make him a new one. We used some Jacquard paint which worked a lot better than the acrylic mixed with fabric medium, which we used on the last two rounds. I think it might just be too easy to get the mixture a little wrong. We found a nice variety of them at A.C. Moore.



Ah-ha! I also finished and felted the tote for my mom. I think I'm going to give it ribbon handles, because I just don't have it in me to make 6 feet of i-cord, and I think the "mixed-media" aspect of it might be cool. I ran it through the wash twice to get it to be about the size that I expected. Now to fringe her scarf and I'll have a nice little package to send her.


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