Saturday, October 28, 2006

Here's the mischief I've been up to lately (with fresh photos)

Here's the yellow hat - Hat for Rabbitch I'm kind of amazed by how blurry the picture came out, I think I might have forgotten to hit the "macro" button (or tulip, as I like to call it.) I think I'm going to send it to Rabbitch's Vancouver hat drive. Along with the City Lights hat I finished a few weeks ago. I wrote down the address and was going to find one of those big yellow envelopes, then I realized I should probably weave in the ends before I send it.

Coins for Quilt Here's where I am on the coins for the coin quilt. 3/5 done. The strips don't seem to be very close to the same length as eachother, which is worrying. I'm hoping that ironing has the same affect as blocking and I can fix it with the iron. Just because I can't quit while I'm ahead, I ordered two charm packs today. Both I think are 30's era reproductions or similarly super-retro. (I typed that as "can't quilt while I'm ahead" tee hee)

blue and yellow hat Here's the start of another hat for charity. It's in Caron SimplySoft and it'll have bright yellow stripes in it. Sort of a Michigan hat. This one's for the Soaring Eagles project. Something in the "why" the organizer decided to run the drive really hit me and I cast on for it right away, before even starting Sleeve 2 of the monkey's sweater. Here's how the sweater is going. Sweater for the Monkey You can't really tell much from that picture other than the volume. I expect to be joining the arms to the sweater by the end of the week.

I seamed up this sweater today. Garter Stitch Baby SweaterI decided to get serious about finishing the baby present. And Alison of the Blue Blog just finished a similar garter stitch sweater and made it look easy (like she does most things.) I finished the sweater in June or July and let it simmer until now.

Let's see - what's left. Socks and Halloween?

Here's the sock progress. Haven't been doing much with either sock, but here they are in their current states: (Flickr has more info)
Jaywaker Progress Stockinette Sock (the colors on this are wacko. Both the thermal blanket and the sock are grey, not air pollution green.)

And here is the Halloween situation. LaLa is going as a tree. Probably on or after Tuesday, we'll get "as worn" shots. The flickr photos have notes on them. But, the leaves are from silk fall leaf garlands from Joann's, and I hotglued them to a store-bought witch hat and a store bought long sleeve t-shirt (Old Navy). And we got some stretchy brown pants to wear too.

Tree Hat Tree Shirt for LaLa


Annie said...

Way cool costume. And you have more on the needles than I do, woman! Something to be proud of. smile

Procrastiknitter said...

Wow, what a VERY cool costume!!! Where in the world do you find all that time to knit? Excellent! Thanks so much for joining our project!