Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Sunday was for Sewing last weekend. Wanna see what I've been up to?

1. I bound the green and yellow quilt. I'm happy with how it came out. I'm getting better at using the slippery blanket binding.
yellow-green quilt with binding

2. I finished this pink dress. (well, it needs a button and a button loop, but the part that has stumped me for so long is past.) I started it one spring when I was out of work, so La must have been 15-18 months. She's almost 4 now. This was actually for my niece, who is 7 months older than LaLa. Do I really need to say that even LaLa is too big for it? I'm planning to send it to my old SP5 buddy, Lori, so she can send it to her little buddy Kamryn. Pink Dress

3. I whipped up some pajama pants for LaLa. I still owe her a pair in some truck fabric we have. And I want to make some matching ones for my nephews for Christmas. Turns out this is a directional print. I had thought it was equally printed up and down, but not so much. The words all face one way (and in the case of her pants, it's down.) They fit her really well, though, and she's actually slept in them. (Normally she declares herself "Sweaty!" and takes off her pajamas when she's put into bed.)
Pajama pants for LaLa

4. This was a request from DH. He wanted a "remote caddy" that we could put over the arm of the chair and store the remotes. It's made with two MS dishtowels that I had from my pocketbook project. His comment when I proudly showed it to him, "You couldn't have picked a more masculine fabric?" You can't have everything, now can you.Remote Caddy

5. I finished the sprial rib baby hat. My neighbor had asked for a pattern (I made one for my new neighbor and my old neighbor) for baby presents, but I winged it. So, when I wrote down what I remembered, I wanted to test knit it. Good thing I did, cause it turns out the decreases were a little eccentric (left-leaning). This hat will be for my nephew to be.
Spiral Rib Baby Hat

6. Look! It's a stockinette UFO! Alert the media! It's a hat for charity, TBD. Could be for Dulaan. Could be for Rabbitch's drive. Could be for something else. Not sure. But, so far the hat is roll-brim, and I'm working on a seed stitch band about 2" up from the bottom. It looks like it'll be big-kid or grownup sized. And it's made out of Lion Braind Jaime (100% acrylic) on size 10 needles.
roll-brim hat


StarzAbove said...

Wow! You have been doing some serious sewing! And the pink dress is GORGEOUS! I think I must knit a lacy little fuzzy hat to go with it. Oh! Maybe this one -
Out of some of my own bunny angora - from the white rabbit! Thanks, again!

Anonymous said...

I have been enjoying your blog and especially like the spiral rib hat you knit for your nephew. Is there any hope that you might be willing to share your pattern with us?
chloe >> eholc77a @ (omit the spaces)