Wednesday, October 04, 2006

What have I been up to?

Well, not much, really. I gave my SIL her baby gift and she seems to like it. I sewed on the pink sash for the green and yellow quilt. I need to think about how to quilt it - I'm letting it marinate. But the machine is threaded and ready. Sadly, I still didn't find the cotton batt that I know I have, so I bought another one.

I bought some more remnants for tote bags. This tote bag fabric is taking over my room. I really need to get crackin', pull out some fabric and make some. I have this, "But I don't have handles" whine in my head, but I don't yet know what kind of handles there'll be until I start working, so....I won't really know if I actually need handle materials for a while.

The fabric for LaLa's quilt and dress is washed. And we bought some more fabric for the quilt (I decided that I needed like 20 or so different patterns to make it look "random") (and bought some more remnants. I might have a hoarding problem.) I did a study, and we settled on a pattern. And did the math to figure out how much I needed to cut out (144 - 3 1/2" squares and 36 6 1/4" squares Aaahh!) It'll be a lot like this one at Tiny Happy.

The garter stitch scarf is done. I signed up for the Dulaan 10k project. There should be a hat that goes with the scarf. Or a second scarf. Not sure yet. I still am itching to make some mittens. And I feel like I need to make baby hats for the upcoming wee ones. (pressure is only from myself.)

Turned the heel on the Jaywalker sock this week. Took for freaking ever to get through the heel flap. Don't know why.

I've also been knitting on the Monkey's sweater. I think it needs about 3" of stockinette before being ready for sleeves.

More photos next time.

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