Wednesday, October 04, 2006

N is for Nest

I drive past this giant nest on my way to work every day.

I believe it's actually an active nest for some kind of bird of prey - a hawk, I think. This is on the 417, north bound, near the 17/92 exit (pdf) in Seminole county. It's always neat to see nature sustaining itself so close to humans. It's also neat to see how close we are to ruralness where I live. There are a bunch of subdivisions near my house - 5 probably off of the same road as ours is off of. And there are cows that you can see too. We drive past an orange grove on the way to LaLa's school. In the middle of a neighborhood. It's also reassuring to see these hawks perched high on lamp posts in the morning sun as I make my commute.

Hah! I need to check the tree in the back yard. I think O is for Oranges. :^)

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