Sunday, November 26, 2006

Who's up for some 3.1415?

Pie? Anyone? Finished off the apple tonight. Still have some cherry and pumpkin.

It's been a quiet Thanksgiving break here - I managed to finish pieceing 2 quilt tops, made a pillow case, and am nearly finished piecing LaLa's quilt. I just need to run it through the iron and sew two long and potentially wonky seams.

Replaced the iron in the process. The other one must have finally shorted out - it just wouldnt' heat up anymore. I have to say that I spent more on the replacement iron than I could have ever imagined spending on an iron in my 20's. Even up to my early 30's. But it had all the features that sounded important and a good reputation.

I didn't take pictures of the pillow case, although it's sure a sight. LaLa spied some Halloween fabric that I had bought on a whim (remnant's bin. +75% off) Orange, with pumpkins and sparkle. I decided I could make a pillow case out of it, but it was too short and she had to pick something for the end. What does she pick? Something from the top of the heap - lavender gingham-print flannel, of all things. It's an interesting combination.

Quilt one:

The quilt for LaLa. Here it is in thumbnails.


La La Quilt
Blue Quilt for LaLa

this weekend it became:

LaLa Quilt Progress
LaLa's quilt more progress
LaLa's quilt final layout

Quilt Two:

This is the quilt we like to call "Electric Sherbet".

Electric Sherbet Progress Here it is all pieced, it just needs "squaring up" and then it will be somebody.

Electric Sherbet Colors A shot of the color sequence.

Electric Sherbet with back fabric I picked out some crazy zinneas for the background fabrics. I swear those ladies at my LFS are total enablers. This quilt is destined for Project Linus. And the bonus? The quilt batting I lost in the closet turned up again.

Quilt three.

Chinese Coin Quilt. I'm still not sure of the destination of this quilt. I really like it. It's sort of a bizarre size, what we might politely call a "napping" size.

Chinese Coin quilt top

The picture totally does not do it justice. I have some periwinkle flannel for the back, that I had to end up piecing with a small section of the (now ubiquitous) lavender gingham flannel.

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