Tuesday, December 05, 2006

U is for Under + FO's!

What you get when you combine



You get


Delightful drawings, hung UNDER the tables on display from the Artist in Residence.

She's also been using the edge of the kitchen table as a perfectly valid display area. For a while there was a sheet of paper that read "Breakfast" (sort of creatively arranged letters, but that's what she meant to spell) and then after that, the red outline one from above was on the edge of the table. #1 of 4 on the coffee table shot is my mom, me, and Amelia. My mom is the big one, I'm the pink one up high, and she's the little blue one (I think. I might have me and LaLa mixed up.)

Here are my recent finishes (all quick turn-around deadline knitting)

Striped Fuzzy Feet
Fuzzy Feet for my aunt (who is having surgery on the 7th). Cascade Pastaza in the stash. I had been toying with the idea of making a bag for myself with it, but I think this turned into the right tool for the right job. It took the better part of 2 skeins. I have a medium sized ball of orange and a smallish ball of pink left. The Fuzzy Feet pattern is really a nice one. This is my third pair. The heel turn in the pattern looks dodgy, but it works.

Green Mittens

These are just regular old mittens. Probably not quite big enough to fit the monkey (who's almost 13), but probably about right for a 5th grader. Instead of a swirly/circle decrease, I went with sock-toe decreases. They're cascade 220 superwash (the last of the green from Frederick's blanket), size 6 needles over 30 stitches (2x1 rib on the wrist. 15 rows of it).

Bad Thumb Concept
This was an afterthought thumb experiment. It seems like it matches up with the geometry of the hand, but (a) there's a line of holes in the decreases above the thumb and (b)I think I shouldh ave made the thumb smaller and (c)I didn't anticipate the side stitches when I picked up the live stitches. I think the YH's thrum along archives probably have some good afterthought thumb info.

Bright Orange Mittens
This leads me to this set of mittens. Do-over. The first needs a thumb and the second has about 10 rows left before the decreases and a thumb. I want to get them finished tonight so that I can send these and the green ones to Buffalo in the morning. Thankfully, I checked Rabbitch's blog and she mentioned the deadline. They're a Christmas present for my aunt and uncle.

That's the reason for the burusqueness of this post. :^)

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