Tuesday, January 09, 2007

What's new?

We got to meet two new babies last weekend! That's what's new (or, probably more properly, who's new). The babies belonging to these quilts were born:

yellow-green quilt with binding Victoria (Tori), born at 1am on January 5.

IMG_5313 Caleb, born at 10 pm on January 5.

That was kind of a cheap thrill to get to hold day-old babies. Both beautiful and healthy and the moms seem to be doing well too. I had forgotten about the way that a newborn seems to warp the space time continuum so that time freezes and everyone gets sleepy.

I did a little sewing too. I put new edging around Bearcat. And I made LaLa a cape. She got a Superman T-shirt at the comic book store the other weekend. It was finally washed and she wore it on Sunday. She tried using her knit blankie for a cape but it was too long - someone had to run behind her when she made laps through the house, like she was one of the cats from Catsenstein. Asked a few design questions and a trip to the fabric store for material and buttons. Later that afternoon we had a pretty spectacular cape. She wore it out to Tijuana Flats and Target. According to LaLa, Superman:
  1. Likes vegetables

  2. Holds hands in the parking lot

  3. Flushes the toilet

  4. Washes after the potty

  5. Doesn't need to take blankey into Target.

    The Cape also happens to go with her Cars pajamas.

I made a couple of new bags last night too - a new pocketbook and a tote. They're both a little wild and crazy, but I like them.

IMG_5824 IMG_5825 Mixing and matching blogger photos with flickr looks like it's a little something.

In knitting news, I got the heel turned on my pink and grey sock and I started a hat for Kate. Well, I intended it for Kate's drive but LaLa seems to be claiming it for her own. Not sure what's going to happen there. I just know I need to get on the stick and finish my red scarf because that deadline is first. I think it's almost done, will measure it tonight.

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