Monday, February 19, 2007

Presiden'ts Day Roundup

1. One monkey sock done, one ready for the heel flap. Still no photos. sorry. Really dreading the ( keep typing "hell". )heel flap. don't know why.

2. No Boy Scouts this week. So, no Boy Scout knitting. Jaywalker is still two rows or so from turning the heel.

3. Last finished quilt top - the one for LaLa. I have a name for a long arm quilter in the area. However, I think I'm going to tie the quilt. Need to read up on it.

4. LaLa has her first Barbie (or Darbie in household vernacular). She is named Bear (Bare?).

5. La picked out some fat quarters for Darbie clothes (one from the Fun Quilts Mendhi line (blue disks) and the other was a blue background with cats playing musical instruments) and some turquoise with dots for a nice outfit for her. Something from Free Spirit's Freckle's group.

6. The Darbie now has a My Little Pony skirt, made from two leftover quilt patches and a "night gown" made from the two quilt store fabrics. I'm currently knitting her a sweater from some aqua Aruacania Nature Cotton.

We had a pretty nice three-day weekend here. The monkey and Dh went camping from Saturday to Sunday (Boy Scout wilderness survival campout where everything you bring has to fit in a gallon coffee can. No matches. No tents. Did you know that you can light a fire with a steel, flint and dryer lint? note to self: clean out dryer hose). La and I had an adventure - one day she will figure out that adventure is a secret code phrase for running errands with mom. We hit McDonalds for breakfast, the Winter Park farmer's market (although the produce was beautiful, I'm not convinced that it was a good buy, but I have a data point.), the quilt store, and Sears, finishing off with lunch at Chick Fil A at the food court. Sunday was a vegetable day, featuring groceries and the bills, and today was sewing Darbie clothes, lunch with dad, the fabric store for Barbie-scale notions and patterns, and the toy store. We were looking for Barbie panties but left with a ball and glove. Took the monkeys to get ice cream and then La and I went to the playground to practice throwing the ball. She's not bad for 4. She had some good throws and some good catches and "stops".

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