Thursday, February 22, 2007

Five Things (11 things?)

Five UFO's that I really want to finish. I'm at a point where it seems like stuff won't finish. Perhaps because there are too many UFO's at once. [note: I'm planning to take pictures and add later.]

1. Darbie Sweater. [just needs ends woven in. Am hoping to do a whole Darbie photo shoot with the outfits I've made her.]

2. Monkey Sock. [second one. needs heel flap through toe. Shouldn't take too long.]

3. Sideways garter stitch scarf. [Needs 6 rows or less.]

4. Jaywalker sock. [second one. finish heel flap through toe. Once I get past the gusset, it really shouldn't take too long.]

5. LaLa's quilt. [Top is pieced. have the batt. Bottom is ready. Have a variety of colors of pearle cotton. Just need to make a sandwich, pin-baste, and start sewing & tying, then bind. ]

Just so we have some perspective, my other WIP are:

1. DH's sock. [Need a whole second one.]

2. DH's sweater. [Should really put it on yarn and let him try it on before I get too far. am about 5" up the body.]

3. La's funFur hat. [Blech.]

4. Shetland Triangle. [two repetitions done, 10 more?]

5. The Monkey's quilt [need to cut a bunch of strips and get to town piecing.]

6. Feedsack quilt [also need to so some cutting then piecing]

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