Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Project Roundup!

I've been finishing things here! Every once in a while things get into a state where there are so many loose ends, the only thing that's going to make me feel any better is to get them taken care of.

This is what I've been working on:

garter stitch scarf It's a pretty ordinary sideways knit garter stitch scarf. Probably destined to Dulaan. It's mostly Caron Simply Soft with some cheap varigated acrylic thrown in. I'm not sure how I feel about the colors. They're nice. They complement each other. They're cozy. But there's not a lot of zing. And I'm not sure how I feel about that.

In other knitting, I'm up to the heel on the second jaywalker sock. It's at a point where I need to pay attention to what I'm doing. Would be ideal Boy Scout knitting if I could go to a meeting by myself (sans LaLa). Not sure where I am on DH's sweater. Somewhere in a sea of stockinette. I have an itch to work on the Shetland Triangle too, but it's hard to get an hour or two of knitting in where I'm still feeling astute.

Here's some sewing that's done:

1. The coin quilt is finally done. I think I started this when I was pregnant with LaLa (or about that time). So that would be 2002 or before. This quilt is about the max size that I can quilt comfortably on my rinky-dink sewing machine.

Coin quilt in situ

This is what it looks like on the "design floor".

Chinese Coin Quilt Finished

I had to piece the back a little. I had two yards of flannel for the back. Area-wise, enough fabric, but not in the right shape. The other hinkiness is that I ran out of the thread I was using to quilt with about halfway through. I zigged around the coin strips, basically. Nothing fancy. Oh, and the final not so wonderful part of it is my binding job. I used store-bought binding. Not fabulous, but adequate. First time I've really tried using it. There were some holidays in my application and the repairs I did were pretty cheesy. Probably structurally sound, but dorky looking. When I first started this quilt (about 5 years ago), I think it was intended for Project Linus, but I think that at this point, it's intended for the back of the couch. I really like it, and I am afraid that others might not see past it's foibles.

Coin Quilt Back

2. The Electric Sherbert quilt is done! I finished "binding" it tonight (with satin blanket binding). This one is destined for Project Linus for sure, although, right now it's in the hamper. I like to machine wash quilts before I give them away, just to make sure they won't fall apart the first time they're washed (and to give them the crinkly look). That's not to say they won't fall apart the second time they're washed.

Linus Quilt - Electric Sherbert - Done! This is quilted in a "brick" format. Every three fabric strips is quilted in the ditch, and then there are the horizontal lines you can see in the picture. The front is flannel and the back is regular cotton.

Electric Sherbert with back

So, this leaves me with only LaLa's top left to quilt. If you know of a long arm quilting service in Central Florida, I would like to know about it. And the other two quilts I've started - the reproduction fabrics and the log cabin both are in a state where I need to cut out more strips before more piecing can happen.

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