Sunday, February 25, 2007

Updates: with pictures!

Have a lot of pictures, and I'm not sure where to begin. It's been a jam packed weekend.

1. The monkey socks. At last, here's a photo.

monkey, in progress. I think I'm going to have to photograph them outside in noon sun to counteract their garishness.

2. La and I made solar prints yesterday. I used up the whole pack of solar paper. La lost interest after the first few. Here are my favorites.

solar prints

From the top left: 1. headphones and jack, 2. coins, 3. rice, 4. rhino/triceritop on a clip toy, 5. mardi gras beads, 6. kettle corn. We did this in the morning light, so the sun was at a low angle and the shadows were pretty long. It was interesting to me how the shadows showed up on the pictures.

3. La and I took the wallpaper down in the hall bathroom. Turned out to be easier than I thought it would be. $10 (or less) at wal-mart for equipment. Used vinegar-water to unhinge the glue. Got directions from the DIY network. If the wall behind the bathroom tile weren't squishy, we could just tear down the wallpaper, put up nice paint and really make a difference. But, alas, there was something about the bathroom window that tilted the wrong way and wasn't sealed too well that made the wall tile "squishy". We're preparing to embark on a remodeling adventure. We've got a new potty in the garage (gratis!) and ordered a tub, pedestal sink, and faucets. We've got floor tile in the garage and I think wall tile on order. And a meeting on Tuesday to discuss scope and fees with the guy who supposed to do the bulk of the work.

bathroom - no wallpaper

bathroom - linoleum

4. I made La's quilt into a sandwich and quilted it! I was going to tie it, but I didn't like how that seemed to be (could have been user error). Now all it needs is something on the edge - we picked up some blue blanket binding today.

LaLa's Quilt

5. Oh, and this has the sideways garter stitch scarf that I finished. Probably along with some things I didn't blog that much. This is my Dulaan collection so far. Some ends need to be woven in, and perhaps lined with fleece, or fringed. But I feel like I've done what I've signed up to do, so it's not nagging me.

Dulaan knits

OK, now I need to put away my laundry and make my lunch for tomorrow. Have a good day tonight.

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