Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Sock Progress

1. The monkey socks are done and washed. Not blocked per se but washed/soaked in euclean and hung to dry. That was enough to make the lace pattern look like the lace pattern. I'm surprisingly pleased with them.


Yarn: Cherry Tree Hill (Brights Potluck),
Pattern: Knitty's Monkey.
Mods: roll-top instead of ribbed cuff. 3 repeats of pattern for the top part (vs. 6. Who wears such long socks? OK. I'm in Florida) and plain stockinette foot (vs. continuing the lace pattern on the top of the foot) and on the gusset decreases, reducing the stitch count to 60, vs. the pattern's 64.
Needles:2.75mm. Probably would have been nice and snug with 2.5mm, but it seems that I don't have any in my needle wardrobe.

2. Here's the progress on my sister's Jaywalkers. I've turned the heel and am working on the gusset. I'm home today (and yesterday) with strep throat and wait until you see the big mess I made with something simple, and you'll see why I'm not working on these yet. They are really going to be lovely socks.

jaywalker - progress

3. This is the mess I made with something easy. I took my Joann's discount coupon and just ordered myself a ball winder and swift to keep this from happening again. This is the FleeceArtist Mohagany that I ordered, thinking that it would be closer to garnet. Then I was thinking that it would be nice socks for DH, but it says "handwash only", so maybe not. I need to finish the stinkin' jaywalkers to free up those needles. I can either make a mate to the pair I started last summer or use something else in the stash (a wool/nylon blend that would be more sturdy).


To continue with the list of goofy things I have done during this episode of strep, I threw out my desk key (with my pocketbook locked in the drawer - after being flustered, I found a coworker with a compatible desk key), I made this yarn mess, and I crashed my computer. I'm not sure if I'm the actual cause of the computer crash, but I'm not ruling it out. Symptom-wise I don't feel too bad (for strep), but I am certainly addled. Frankly, I felt kind of wimpy calling in yesterday and going to the doctor. I did feel kind of vindicated that it was an infection, though.

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