Friday, April 27, 2007

Another Outfit for La!

I finished this last night:

Finished Outfit for laLa

She's planning to wear it to my cousin's college graduation next weekend. La was inspired by an episode of Caillou where he wore a suit that was shorts and a vest and wanted to have dressy clothes that looked like that. My mom made my sister and I suits when we were about La's age, a jacket, pants and a skirt. Mine was dark green velour and my sister's was navy blue. We each got to pick out our buttons - I went with shiny white with a gold eagle and gold trim. Becky picked yellow that was reminiscient of honeycomb.

Outfit patternI wanted to find a similar pattern, and it took some doing, but this did the job.

The vest is a little wonky - I sewed it when I was coming down with a cold. But the shorts came out perfectly (I was feeling better by then). The buttons are ones that La picked out a long time ago during a trip to the fabric store.

Close up of the button I'm pleased to report that I sewed them on mostly right side up. They are somewhat askew, though. I had my design consultant come over and space out the buttons for me, but they strayed somewhat from the original plan. And I didn't make the button holes quite big enough.

Here's a look at what's left in the work area after I tidied up a little.
Long view of my work space

I think I need to get working on the Monkey's quilt top next. Needed to cut more strips before I could really get going on it again. I still haven't figured out what to put on the back of the feedsack quilt, but at least all of the choices are washed now. I bought myself a shorts/capri pattern and want to get going on that too.

The bathroom should be painted this weekend. We may or may not like the color. And after that, the light fixture and towel bars. Then it'll be mostly done. Pictures when there's something new to see. :^)

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