Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Random Update

1. I've been sewing. I got these done this weekend for La and started a pair of shorts for me. The ones for me are kind of tricky. They have pockets. Oh, and they're going to be out of that stripey material. They might turn out to be a little overwhelming.

Shorts for La.

2. I got the "Magic 28" socks done. They need a quick bath before being sent off to the Afghans for Afghan's program.

Magic 28 Socks

3. I made some progress on DH's brown sock. I'm past the part of where I ripped it out before, and am now on the heel flap. It's good movie knitting. We watched Wordplay on Friday - I really liked the movie. I come from kind of a puzzle family. Jigsaws, Scrabble, Crosswords, Boggle, cards, and other games. There's kind of a high percentage of engineers in my family. And the ones who aren't engineers ended up being attorneys, bankers, librarians, teachers, mechanics. Still working puzzles for a living.

DH's socks

4. We made some progress in the bathroom.

What's left? Painting the trim and the door, finishing the aquarium stand table, reinstalling the medicine cabinet.

bathroom lights

towel holder

bath towel bar

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