Wednesday, May 23, 2007

How sad is it....

when the only thing holding you back is not having the energy to hook up your camera?? Hmm?

Well, I got some time with a nearly empty house on Saturday. This quilt got bound and washed. Still not sure about its final destination, but it's probably Project Linus.

Feedsack Quilt - finished

I cut out some strips for the monkey's log cabin quilt (do you remember it?)

Monkey Quilt

And I cut out the lego quilt.

lego quilt

Following the happythings tutorial, sewed a whole slew of 2" strips end to end...

strips sewn end to end
Frankly, I did have some trouble with "right sides together". Luckily it's not the sort of thing where you have to do seam ripping. It's very imprecise and random to start with so you can just cut off the seam and re-do it the right way. But I do have two inside out strips sewn in.

Eventually, I got this:

Main part of the quilt top

But it was not quite as big as I wanted it. So I cut some more strips, 4" wide and repeated the process until it was about 10" wide by long enough.

quilt top with border

Left to do: iron both pieces, cut the one with 4" strips in half the long way and attach as a border to the long sides of the main rectangle. Sandwich, quilt, bind and wash. It turns out I have a lot of the solid blue (no idea why.) so it's destined to be the back. Maybe with some miscellaneous blocks added in.

On the knitting front? Not much going on. Making some progress on the first of DH's socks. I really like them and am tempted to keep them for myself. Also working on the baby blanket for the spider monkey. Haven't had the energy to wind the yarn for the baby sweaters and knitting puts me to sleep these days anyway. And my fingers feel stiff.

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a friend to knit with said...

Beautiful quilt! Actually quilts! All of them.....great job!