Monday, June 04, 2007

Squore Up

So. What's the past tense of "square up"? Is it just southern to think that it could possibly be squore? DH says that in architecture they use the term "rectify" for the same basic activity that quilters would call "squaring up". It seems too easy to describe something as being rectified.

Here's what I've been up to. I swear to you, the longest part is getting the pictures out on the ether (a three phase process.) My photo editing software that came with the computer expired, so I tried using picnik, a free online tool. It seems OK, except that (at least on my machine) I had trouble overwriting the original file. And, if you're uploading some crazy 2000x1500 picture, it's probably better to have a broadband connection vs. dialup.

1. Knitting:
I made Braedyn a new hat. Someone (cough-DH-cough) felted his most recent hat and now it's Barbie-sized. It coordinate's with La's most recent hat/mitten set.

Dipsy Hat for Braedyn spiral hat - front

In non-photographed knitting, the first brown sock is nearly done, and the baby blanket is making some progress. We're nearly to the doldrums.

2. Sewing.

a. A curtain bender. Easy. Rectangles.

First: A new curtain for the side light. I couldn't stand the one that came with the house any longer. (it was sheer pink, grungy, and super-gathered.) It used up the last of the seersucker from the feedsack quilt. And, even better, I looove the fabric and I get to look at it all the time! And it actually coordinates with the inside of our house. what could be better?

side-light curtainside-light outside view

Second: a curtain for the window in the bathroom. Dh's request. He thinks it'll help keep water off of the window sill. I like that it hides the shampoo bottle clutter, at least at first glance. I also like that it coordinates with the baloons. More baloons might be overpowering. maybe. Blue striped seersucker. Still have kind of a lot left. I'm thinking about a twirly skirt for me. But am going to wait until the belly gets going cause I'm afraid of the potential for hem-droop.

bathroom curtain

b. The Lego Quilt. It only needs binding, and maybe I'll have time to do that tonight. It got all squore up, added the border, sandwiched, quilted. etc. The blue didn't seem to be quite wide enough, so I added the leftover block strip. It's not too late for it to turn out to be delightfully wonky. The batting is some kind of thickish stuff that I have probably had sitting around for a while. It wouldn't have been my first choice, but it's not bad.

lego quiltlego quilt back

3. Growing a baby. It's hard to give a status report without sounding like I'm complaining. But. A highlight has been my loss of memory. So far, I've lost my YMCA card and the remote for the cable box. I also can't find my binder of good CD's. I socked it away quite a while ago, but now I have no idea what safe place it's in. The binder has all of my old REM, which recently decided would make great summer driving music. I'm hoping that in a week or two I will be much less tired. Cause I need to sew a dress for La for a wedding in July. Next doctor's visit is this Thursday.

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cambria said...

I don't know where the heck I've been, but congrats on the baby! (probably dealing with my not so new baby).