Thursday, June 21, 2007

5 things for the baby (KNIT!!!)

I know that I've talked about some of these before, but now I actually have something more to show. I have a lot of trouble staying awake when I knit, and other times it hurts my hands.

1. Garter Stitch Baby Blanket. Red and Orange Cascade 220 Superwash. I've got it so that the sides are about 20". I'm looking for about a 36" side. Last time I looked, I had about half as many rows as I needed (which, sadly, does not correspond to half as many stitches because of the triangular shape.)

2. The EZ Surplice Baby Jacket from this summer's Vogue Knitting. In STR heavyweight, color == Lemongrass. The needle is one from my Grandma Mercier's stash. They are wicked sharp. The joins are fab. And I think they only cost $1 new. When I was digging through the circs to find it, I came across a set of 2.25 mm dpns, and now I'm working to resist casting on another pair of socks.

3. The Debbie Bliss baby sweater pattern from the same magazine. In STR heavyweight, in Mustang Sally. I'm so pleased that I finally had the energy to wind these two skeins last night.

4. (On Deck.) Baby Boots from Uniform Studio. I'm sure that I have good stash yarn for these, but haven't figured out what.

5. (Also on deck.) Sweet Baby Cap that's been floating around the blogs, at Hello Yarn and other places.

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