Thursday, June 28, 2007

Obsessions of the moment

I've been thinking about this aqua quilt for a long time. Inspired by some Fun Quilts ideas (The Mendhi pattern for Free Spirit) here (pdf) and Plain Spoken, especially here and here. And a picture from Bend the Rules Sewing.

I ended up carving the fats into 6" wide strips, then into varying lengths.

First, arranged on the floor.

Then sewn into strips.

I need to iron next. And decide if it's going to have a pink stripe (or some other solid color) in-between the rows (like the Mendhi pattern).

I also made 3 more log cabin squares for the monkey's quilt. It's coming along. That's my belly in the bottom of the picture. The quilt will have yellow sashings around the squares.

And this has been my obsession of the moment. Monkey socks (can you tell?) Inspired by Cara, reminding me how much fun they are, and Ashley's recently done ones and others I've seen around. These are for my friend who moved to Seattle. And coyly said, "I wear a size 9 and my favorite color is purple." So I sent her to Seattle with a couple skeins of Lorna's Laces that were purple and turqoise, a set of 2.5mm needles and that really good Yarn Harlot book that has the sock recipe. When she was down over Christmas we reviewed knitting in the round. If I were a betting girl, I would hazard that she might not be done with them yet. In August she'll have been moved for a year. I've had this purple Trekking (109) marinating for a while. I was inspired by Deb's Blackberry Waffle socks, which, now that I go back and look at the post I can see why my monkey socks are not as richly colored as her Blackberries. It's a different colorway.

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a friend to knit with said...

Ahhh! Your aqua quilt is beautiful! Look forward to seeing if it will have the stripe between.

LOVE, LOVe LOVE the monkeys!