Wednesday, June 06, 2007


We have a heartbeep (as La would call it). Doctor's appointment today. Sounded leisurely compared to La's. Have no idea if that's meaningful at all. Screening appointment at the big, fancy hospital tomorrow.

Things I've learned recently:

1. It's a lot hard to kitchner a toe while reading blogs than knit stockinette. (Dh's first sock is done! Second sock cast on in today's all-hands.)

2. Parking at the YMCH where La is taking swim lessons is a bear at 6pm. And La wasn't expecting to have to take turns with her classmates. However, she is looking forward to her next lesson.

3. Why is it that the language 4 year olds speak is so catchy. We have so many La-coined words, and still have some monkey-coined words in our family vernacular. (The Monkey brings us "hot it up" (in the microwave or toaster oven), La brings us YMCH, heartbeep, GG (TV), and many more.)

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Cambria said...

dante gave us "Bideo" for video and "malk" for milk, among a few others that i don't remember just now. and all meat is still, 10 years later, chicken.