Thursday, July 12, 2007

How bout some knitting? And some flannel?

I've gotten out of my baby block. The EZ sweater was no fun to knit. I decided it was because of the gauge. Size 3 needles with the STR heavyweight does, indeed, make a sturdy fabric. However it was a lot like knitting a dishcloth on too small needles. I'm not sure that Blue Moon Fiber Arts really had that in mind, nor did EZ. I did a little swatching. The yarn wants to use a 5. So I'm making the pattern that I made for my little friend Victoria. I like it soooo much that I'm way past where I was when I took this picture.

baby sweater

Next up socks:

DH and monkey sock The monkey cuff nearly knit itself. But the heel flap is much slower. It's about halfway done. Haven't picked up DH's sock in a while.

Before we get to the flannel. I was surprised to find inspiration in this magazine, but I think this is the quilt for the new baby. It's from the Sep 07 issue of Quick Quilts. I'm planning to use a whole slew of flannel and then neutral solids. I think the flannel will be the big squares. Neutral solids on the small ones. But who can say, really.

baby quilt inspiration

I took Tuesday off to go to the dentist. I tell you, the novacain they let pregnant ladies use is not the high-test. I got a lot done. It's really much cheaper for me to go to work than to stay home. After the appointment, I picked up La and we went on an adventure at the mall. There were some really good clearance sales. She got a Spiderman shirt for $4.

I cut most of these out before the appointment.

Baby Flannel Pants For the new baby. Size 0-3 mos.

Xmas Flannel Pants (boy) For a couple little boys. size 18mos, and size 3.

Xmas Flannel Pants (girl) These were done recently, except the elastic. size 6 and size 18 mos.

flannel pants (monkey) These are the ones for the monkey. Next to the ones for the whippersnapper. size 12-14 next to size 0-3 months.

When I cut out the baby ones, I had a momentary freak out that I cut them with the picture upside down. Turns out that the legs are shorter than the waist-crotch length, and the pictures were right side up. I put some pins in the top to help me remember. Oh, and I picked up some white onesies to make them coordinate with the flannel pants. Haven't decided if it'll be through applique or freeze paper stencil.

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