Tuesday, July 17, 2007

The Perfect Scoop

Have you seen anyone else talk about this book? This gem seems to have made the rounds of some of the food blogs. It's The Perfect Scoop by David Lebovitz. It came in the mail Thursday or Friday. This weekend we made the pineapple sorbet (fresh pineapple, water, sugar), but in popscicle form, which was one of the suggestions in the book. Delicious. and Easy.
Also made the Vietnamese Coffee ice cream. (used our leftover morning coffee, sweetened condensed milk, half and half, a pinch of ground coffee). Used the ice cream freezer. It was pretty soupy still after the ice cream freezer, but I'm pretty sure that's user error or a climate issue. It was still delicious. And once we threw it in a tupperware and froze the rest, it's been fairly easy to scoop. It's good plain, good with chocolate syrup, also good with sliced bananas, chocolate syrup, and ground up peanuts. Not only is it reminiscient of Vietnamese iced coffee (sweetened and milked with sweetened condensed milk), but also reminiscient of the Starbucks ice cream flavor Java Chip, one of our favorites.
There are a variety of custard and non-custard recipes. I don't have the courage yet to try custard ones (I have scrambled egg and attention to wisking issues), but there are step-by-step illustrated instructions in the beginning so I might. There are so many delicious looking non-custard recipes that I had a lot of trouble limiting it to just two to try this week. And I didn't - I got ingredients for the pineapple sorbet, the Vietnamese coffee ice cream and peanut butter ice cream. I only put the freezer gizzy for the ice cream maker in the freezer this morning, so peanut butter might have to wait. The recipes seem like they will be a delicious way to use up in-season fruit.

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