Sunday, August 12, 2007

Whipper-snapper round-up

Well, we had the big ultrasound. Everything is where it should be, there are no soft markers for anything, we are still on target for December 22, and it looks like we're having a little girl. I really want to cast on for a hat now. :^) I have lavender cotton-ease that is calling my name!

That big-block quilt that I've been working on? Now it's for the new baby.
Quilt for the whippersnapper
I got some advice from my in-house design consultant (my husband the architect), and made narrow stripes of pink. I like it, but I can't help but be reminded of cinderblock construction. So, I'm calling the quilt "Cinderella block" in my head.

This is the fabric that I have for the back. It's a little wild and crazy, but it really picks up a lot of the colors:

quilt with back fabric

And for knitting projects for the whipper-snapper, I've been making some progress. Slow and steady and all that:

The sweater back is done, and I'm starting on the left front. I really like how the yarn is doing. STR Heavyweight in Lemongrass.

baby sweater back
And the "ketchup and mustard" baby blanket - I might need to stop having Dh help me. :^)
It's almost to the hypotenuse. Today it's taking the form of a manta ray.
ketchup and mustard baby blanket ketchup and mustard corner

In other projects, I've been whipping up recieving blankets:
For my sister in law, who uses them for privacy when nursing in public:
receiving blankets for SIL

And for a coworker's baby shower this week. I was going to go in on the group gift, but then I thought of this (and had the fabric on hand).

flannel receiving blankets

Oh, and these pieces of hand-dyed fabric were souveniers from the Rocky Mountain Quilt Museum - destined to be pillow cases for the kids: LTR: the whippersnapper, LaLa, and the Monkey. Now I just need to go back and find that online pattern. Or use an existing pillowcase for dimensions.

souvenier hand dyes

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