Monday, August 20, 2007

A hat for the whippersnapper

Last week there was a baby shower for a lady at work, who is having a boy. I made her 3 recieving blankets, a little spiral rib hat (like this one - same yarn and everything), baby tylenol and gas drops (cause you don't want to have to argue about who gets to run out and get them.) The hat was a big hit.

At the same time when I was knitting the hat for the work friend baby, I was also consulting with DH about what color hat to make for the whippersnapper - gave him some choices of purple yarns I had on hand and he picked one - a lavender cotton-ease. But later I asked him what color yarn for a hat, and he said pink. Later, as I was knitting the blue hat, he was confused by my choice of yarns for the whippersnapper. Smart man didn't say anything about it as I was knitting it and when I told him it was for the work friend, when it was nearly done, it all became clear.

So, the whippersnapper will have two hats (so far):
A plain lavender cotton-ease one, and a pink one. The pink is some Bernat Cashmere Blend that I picked up at Joann's last week. I had a lot of trouble finding what I was looking for, and I'm still not sure that I did. Turns out the "blend" is only 5% cashmere, 95% man-made fibers. It's still very soft. I'm winging it on the pattern. 60 seems like a great number, but it is not divisible by 8. (I wanted to do 4 stitch cables + 4 reverse stockinette). I haven't quite come up with a strategy for the decreases yet. We'll see.
hats for the whippersnapper

In the pregnancy woes department we have two things:

1. I messed up the sweater for the whippersnapper tonight at Boy Scouts. It was the parent's committee meeting. I got to a part where I should have read the directions. I didn't. I need to work up the courage to get it back to a good spot. Not like a zillion rows or anything. But still. I'm not sure why exactly I'm blaming this on pregnancy, but I am (cause otherwise I wouldn't be knitting a baby sweater? Cause otherwise I would have stopped when I got to the part with the directions? Probably not.)

2. Maternity pants have major usability issues - A. Mine seem to have a lot of trouble staying up. And with the shorter maternity t-shirts these days, that is a classy look. With normal pants, this can be mitigated by wearing a belt. Maternity pants do not have belt loops. B. Frequently they don't have pockets. Even the jeans. Luckily most of my pants have pockets (from the Gap). It's just the jeans that don't (from Penney's), which I find to be ironic in a very annoying way.

In sewing news, I tried sewing shorts for myself again. I used a pajama pattern. I took measurements. I did not believe them. I made a size XXL (XXXL?) when the measurements said L was OK. I figured I would need the room down the line. I got upset when the pattern pieces did not fit on the half-width of fabric (the actual size I probably need would have fit). They're fine for pajama shorts. I'm calling this one a success. They are probably the most unflattering things I own. But now I know and can make them in actual shorts material and have "nice" shorts. I'm toying with the idea of using the pocket piece for the robe in the pattern to make myself shorts with pockets (and/or pants with pockets).

School started today. The monkey started 8th grade and La started VPK (state subsidized voluntary pre-k). Sounds like everyone had a good day.

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