Monday, September 17, 2007


Bitty Booties I made these Bitty Booties for the whipper-snapper. They're from a pair of socks I knit for myself and then someone accidentally felted in the dryer. It's very hard to machine sew this fabric that the socks made. I'm on the fence about blanket stitching the opening. It would probably benefit, but I would need to look up how to do it. They are so darn adorable, I kind of want to make another pair out of polar fleece.

drawstring bag I made this drawstring bag for La to keep her gameboy games in. The monkey found a bunch of his old games and passed them on to her. It quickly over-flowed her gameboy binder. The bag reminds me of the marble bag my mom sewed for me when I was a kid (out of purple and white velour).

Saturday night, I found myself antsy. And couldn't find the remote. I figured I'd whip on something I had cut out recently and have something blogworthy to show. Then I realized that the reciever of the whipping up reads my blog from time to time and it was a Christmas present for that person. Well, one more gift mostly done. I got to a point where I needed some help and put it away for a while.

Creative ChaosFriday night, La had a burst of play in the living room. The kind of burst where it becomes very hard to navigate the room. From the sounds of it, she was playing "family vacation". She and her baby Braedyn do not travel light. The chair fort in the corner was their hotel room and before that, it was their rental car.

pumpkin vine For the past month or so, we've had a rogue pumpkin plant growing on top of our front hedges. This may not be the best time to come photograph our house for "House Beautiful". Hopefully the HOA doesn't notice. We just want to see if we'll get any baby pumpkins out of it. After waiting and waiting for nature to take it's course, I finally looked it up - in case you were wondering, here is a place where they talk about pumpkin reproduction. Now we're keeping an eye out for when a momma flower looks like it'll be opening soon.

I don't know why, but I think this has some potential for a sock yarn palette.pumpkin blossoms

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