Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Entering an OCD phase & I hate when my husband's right

Well, actually, if we're both right, it's fine. But when he's right and I'm not then I'm not as happy about it. Since I've cut way back on my knitting my arm has felt much better. And it's not very much knitting before I start to notice some discomfort or oddness about the pinky and ring fingers. I'm down to the home stretch on the baby sweater. I did forget to put in a button hole where it was supposed to be (2 rows in) and just put it in when I remembered it (about 8 rows in). Like heck I'm ripping it back for a button hole.

I've found myself in an unusually OCD place recently. I was tidying up the children's department of our library. It wasn't that it was particularly messy for the children's department - but I couldn't stand that the puzzles weren't put together, and that there were crayons and abandoned library books on the floor. I. Had. To. Take. Action. I also cleaned out the snack bowl. This does nothing for the list of major cleaning/sorting/rearranging/making room that I need to do, but makes me feel better for some reason.

After picking out material a few weeks ago, Saturday night, I put this together.

Bed Warmer

I quilted the outside envelope a little because I used cotton batting inside. I wanted it to still look/work nicely after washing.

Here's how it looks when you open the envelope:

Bed Warmer with guts

And the lining's full effect:

inside of the bed warmer

The lining is left over from the back of the Electric Sherbert quilt, the ducks would have been the back to my nephew's quilt, if some other material hadn't run all over them. The tasteful yellow flowers were from when I picked up this pattern. (Aside from the pattern, I managed to only buy a couple of fats for me, and some fabric for pants with pockets for La.)

Nappy Bag! (I'm not sure what happened to this photo. This is not how it looked when I downloaded it from Picknik. But then again, I was doing a couple things at once so it could have been.) At first glance the pattern looks kind of complicated. We'll see how it goes. It's in time out until it starts to look easier.

When I was cleaning my room the other day, I came across these socks.

Pink Socks!

Sadly, I think they were felted on about their 2nd wash. I didn't have the heart to throw them out. They are going to find a new lease on life as a pair of Bitty Booties for the whipper snapper.

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