Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Have I mentioned that I hate when DH is right?

I haven't been feeling well for a little more than a week. After having to take La swimming by himself twice this weekend (oh, the humanity!), he lost his patience with me feeling crummy. You know why this cold hasn't been going away? Cause it might be a sinus infection. Go figure. I kept thinking that I was feeling "almost better" except for that really strong urge to take a nap, which I was attributing to being pregnant.

So, here's what I've been up to:

I brought the Monkey to a Boy Scout popcorn Show and Sell at the Publix that is in walking distance of the LYS.

Yarn Haul

Click on the picture to see how it's earmarked.

Also, got this:

Couch Blanket It's going to be a couch blanket for La and the baby. The cream color is Cascade 220 Superwash. It's a basic mitered square started from the center, kind of like the squares for the knit along or like the Evelyn Clark blanket pattern. It's sort of muppet-esque, but not too hard to work with.

I've also been picking up DH's sweater from last Christmas. It's going to be an EZ Saddle Shoulder sweater. I think there's an inch or two til it's time to join up some sleeves and do the tricky part.

DH Sweater

And, most newsworthy, I finished knitting the sweater for the Whipper-Snapper.
Sweater for the Whipper-Snapper Just needs seaming and buttons.
Here are the buttons La picked:

Kitty Buttons!

And, on the sewing machine:


I picked up Bend the Rules Sewing. Neat book. These coasters are from that book and are intended for a Christmas gift for a friend, if they're not too wonky. Otherwise they're for me. One thing I've figured out is that it's worth cutting the backing square generously, then trimming it down nearly to the seam allowance before turning it right side out and top stitching. The top fabrics are squares from a charm pack I picked up aeons ago and the back is a gray-green terry cloth that I found in the remnants bin. There's no middle layer, thinking that the terry is going to add plenty of absorbancy. I've been having trouble making sure that I catch both layers in the topstitching to make it get closed up.

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*BB* said...

This bit took me ages to learn: When I am cutting away the excess, before I turn it right sides out, I cut close all the way around except I leave a longer flap where the opening is, so that when I turn it right side out theres a big flap of fabric on both sides of the flap to catch when I sew shut. Does that make sense?