Saturday, October 13, 2007

Post 300: A little OCD goes a long way.

I may have overdone it today. I woke up, made a list, the list sounded not too unreasonable (um. If I weren't in the neighborhood of 30 weeks pregnant and the boys were home.) And I started to tackle it.

Soccer game for La at 9am, followed by swimming at the Y (High of 87 or 89 today. Water was 82. Pretty nice once you got used to it, which didn't take too long.)

Lunch at Subway (was going to be Tijuana Flats, but apparently, now La can read the word "sub" and that's what she picked.)

Dropped off a few boxes of leftovers to the thrift store.

Went to the two used furniture stores in the same plaza. Bought a dresser for the new kid. Also bought a Barbie at Big Lots.

Went to the fancy paint store. Closed 2 hours previous. Went to the other fancy paint store (a block away). Got paint for the girls' new room. (This was the subject of the OCD was getting the house in order and rearranged. The girls will be in the monkey's room, the monkey will be in La's room. While we're swapping, we're going to rip out the 22 year old carpet and put in Pergo. But before that, a new coat of paint while the yucky rug is in there.) This is what La picked out. I didn't see that they recommend a primer until after I loaded the picture onto Flickr.
synergy paint It's going on white walls, so we'll see how it goes, I guess.

Then to Costco to pick up storage containers to use as swap space as we empty the boy's room for the renovation magic.

Is there any wonder that it was almost too much work to unload the car? I slept sitting up, holding my novel in my hand as La watched a couple episodes of Hannah Montana (is it wrong that I really enjoy the Laverne and Shirley/Lucy and Ethel dynamic of that show?)

Last night I stayed up late and cut out projects while watching "Clean House". Here's what I've got piled up around my sewing machine now.

1. pajama pants, in progress These are mostly done. I think. Need to go back and see where I left off. These are a mix of ones for the new kid and ones for Christmas presents. These have been on the sewing chair for a week or so.

2. More coasters, ready to sew A set of coasters for me (Bend the Rules Sewing). And one replacement for the original set. I didn't quite catch all the terry when topstitching the flap closed. Good enough for me, though.

3. Turquoise Chenille! Chenille Madness. A childhood friend just had a son. I'm going to send her a chenille backed blanket (ducks) and a couple of coordinating bibs. One bib for me and a chenille backed blanket for me too (green with pink hearts). I prewashed the chenille and was amazed at the sheer volume of lint. But it is very soft and nice now. I really hope it's colorfast, though.

Oh, and look what I found on my camera!
Hat and Sweater.  Done
All set for December. The hat was something I winged. I'm afraid (hoping?) it'll be a little big. I think this is the kind of thing, since there is no ribbing, that is much easier to make to the right size if there is a model to try it on before you're committed. If anyone is curious about the hat recipe, I can post it.

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ScW said...

good grief! Sounds like you have a lot going on there. Stay out of those paint fumes...