Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Sick Day

Here's what I did on my sick day yesterday. My strategy was do only enough to keep the OCD at bay. Today I'm home too - took care of some stuff in the morning, currently waiting for the cable person to get us set up with a DVR (it's amazing how much economic power a 4 year old has. This is probably another blog post, but there are some things that continually amaze me about 4 year olds. For someone who sleeps with a lovie, and only recently stopped sucking her thumb and can't yet tie her shoes, (a)she wields quite a bit of financial say-so and (b)she plays soccer pretty fiercely. ), and then am taking La to her "big sister" course at the fancy new hospital for women and babies.

Yesterday, I threw "Singing in the Rain" in the DVD player and did some finishing -

1. The baby hats:

another baby hat more baby hat

2. The baby sweater - now seamed and with buttons

baby sweater

3. Dh's sweater - now I know where I am. I took it off the needles and put it on scrap yarn to get a precise measurement. I have 2" from the red line to the sleeve join. I haven't worked up the gumption to wind yarn for the sleeves yet. But soon.


4. And. Um. I started a baby hat to go with the baby sweater.

baby hat

I got a great comment yesterday from BB about catching the edges during top stitching. Seems like the secret is to leave a little more seam allowance on that edge, so there is a little more flap to tuck in. Worked brilliantly. Got the rest of them finished this morning.

coaster set

Also today, I patched up La's shorts. She did some stain removal the brute force way this weekend - and cut the spot right out. Lady MacBeth has nothing on her. I was not there for this, and DH was pretty upset with her. Patched it up with a square from the same batch of charm squares.

stain removal There are some "frankenstitches" where I zig-zagged around the actual hole to try to keep it from fraying more. Hopefully the pinked edges of the patch hold up too.

I feel like doing more sewing, but I'm just not sure what yet. I really want to start a quilt, but am really trying hard not to. None of the stuff I've got queued up is appealing.


*BB* said...

Glad it worked for you. You certainly hacve been productive!

a friend to knit with said...

wow! you were so busy!
i am in awe....great job on all of the finished projects....
i need to start a quilt too......
i just don't know where to begin! :)