Thursday, November 08, 2007

Finally Got Out the Ball Winder

I finally did it. I finally wound the yarn for the sleeves of the DH sweater. Now if only I could remember which sweater he picked out. This picture is much more "artsy" than I intended. The sleeves are fun to knit - I'm about halfway through the first one already.

DH Sweater

While I was winding, I wound up the two skeins of STR lightweight that I have. After working on the Monkey Sock in Trekking, I am craving some squooshy sock yarn - these are my choices (from the top left) Colinette Jitterbug (maybe velvet olive?), STR Lightweight in Lucy, STR Lightweight in Thistle (frankly, it was surprisingly an Easter Egg version of Mardi Gras colors), and Cherry Tree Hill in Life's a Beach. Not sure which I'm going to pick, but it's going to wait until the second monkey sock is done, which probably won't be until after the DH sweater is done.
Wound Sock Yarn

Here's the first monkey sock and start of the second. It's ready for the pattern part. I was trudging through all of this stockinette in the sweater and in the toe of the sock and I finally get through it and am in the mood for more stockinette? Actually, I think it's the texture of the wool of the sweater that I'm enjoying.

Monkey Sock!

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