Monday, December 17, 2007

Handmade at the Hospital

Handmade in the Hospital On Thursday, my daughter was born. She was 6lbs, 13oz, 19 1/2" long and thankfully darn near perfect. Due to a surprise C-Section, we got some extra days at the hospital. It was funny to see what turned up there. At one point I saw the scene above: The baby in her hospital T-Shirt, diaper, and swaddle with one of my flannel blankets and a Christmas hat knit by a hospital volunteer (white brim, red fun-fur stripe, ecru top, green pom-pom with jingle bell. she jingled when we burped her), DH in his flannel pajama pants and the quilt from our living room.

Early one morning when I was starting to feel better, I started this:
New Sock
I'm calling it my "Eleanor Sock" - (no relation to any pattern of the same name) STR Thistle, lightweight, 2.75mm needles, 60 stitches, stockinette socks for ME!

Going Home Outfit
Here we are waiting to go home. El's wearing her sweater and flannel pants and the onesie made by La in the big sister class.


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