Thursday, January 10, 2008

Maternity Leave

It's never too soon for your first trip to the fabric store.
El and I went on Monday. I might be overdoing it a little. And frankly, my days at home might be more overdone than the days when I plan an excursion.

This group of fats was an impulse buy. La saw the set and asked if I could make something for her and her sister. I was afraid that I was the only one who would like it all together - it's a little wild and crazy.

Electric Quilt

"Watercolor" quilt - for Linus. Should end up about 40x40. Probably worth it to click on it to see the bigger view. Still thinking about how I want it to be put together - if I want the non-blue squares to be oriented the same way or if they should be random.

watercolor quilt

Material for a quilt for me. I started picking out material for this in the last days of pregnancy. But once I got it home, I realized that a queen sized quilt was not a short term project and I needed something NOW. So I ordered 2 (wholecloth ?) quilts from Sophisticated and lovely, good prices. Now I can take a little more time to figure out how I want this to be.
fabric for my quilt

I've picked up El's blanket again. We had blanket weather recently and it was nice to have a project that covered my lap. I'm on the downhill side of it. It's good to be knitting again.
El's blankie

The Eleanor socks are moving along at a good clip too. Turned the heel yesterday and started working on the gusset during project runway.

Oh, and at the fabric store, another impulse purchase was a Moda jelly roll. Much easier to resist online. Then I got it home and didn't know what to do with it. So I sewed half the strips together from selvage to selvage to make about a 40x44" quilt top (reminiscient of this one). I think the next one I'll sew the strips end to end and end up with something kind of like this one.
Jelly Roll Quilt top

And, lastly, I'm "this" close to getting back into my pre-preg. pants. I can button them, but then it hurts after a few minutes. So I'm making a test pair of elastic waist pants with pockets. Like La has. Hopefully they fit. This is what is on my list for today. They are cut out and ready to sew. This funny shaped piece is one pocket. It's kind of a grey-green (think Spanish moss) linen.

Pants for me

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