Friday, January 04, 2008

Got the sewing machine out last weekend ....

Finished a set of bags that were meant to be Christmas presents. Hope to get them in the mail today.

blue tote blue flower tote yellow tote

Also whipped up a batch of coasters for a friend's housewarming:

more coasters

For knitting, I've been working on my Eleanor sock:

(This one just needs to have the toe kitchnered now.)

Thistle sock

I really have a hankering to start making baby hats. Oodles and oodles of them. I ordered yarn from Elann - that cotton with elastic stuff in a whole slew of colors. It's being sent parcel post, so I figure I can finish up a few things while I'm waiting -here's a roundup (sans photos)

1. garter stitch blanket for El. I think it's on the downhill side. But too big to be portable.
2. square blanket. This needs a lot of work, and also, it's too big to be portable already.
3. DH's sweater - the second sleeve is almost done, and from there it's the home stretch.
4. monkey sock - I think it's just through the ribbing.

One day, I'll be back to working on my shetland triangle.

Hopefully I'll zip through the second thistle sock. Then I'll tackle the monkey sock and DH sweater next - hopefully they complement each other - the sleeve is good portable knitting, then to do at home once it's joined. The monkey sock is for at home knitting until I get the heel turned, then it's portable.

Oh, and I started cutting out a Linus quilt - Once the monkey goes back to school next week, I'll venture out to the quilt shop for a few more fat quarters for it.

On the switcheroo front, La is enjoying the top bunk in her "new" room. We have paint for the monkey's room. DH has cut in the corners, but the walls need paint.

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