Tuesday, February 05, 2008

This can't be good.


When I picked up my sewing machine, I bought a walking foot (finally). I'm having some technical difficulties with it. The guy at the repair shop showed me how to put it on and warned me that if it wasn't on square, it could break the machine (the needle holder part).

When I was finally up for using the machine, I took off the walking foot and put the regular presser foot back on. I made 4 recieving blankets for a friend who is having a girl.

Today, I pin basted the "watercolor" quilt, reinstalled the walking foot and began to quilt. Much more often than I would like for it to happen, the needle flies out of the thingamajig that holds it. It doesn't break, and doesn't make the machine all out of sync again, but it's a little scary.

Unless the internets have any other advice, I think tomorrow I'm going to try using a new needle and not stitching in the ditch, but stitching near the ditch. For now, the machine is in time out.

1 comment:

a friend to knit with said...

oh my! i don't have any advice, sorry!
that can't be fun though, i hate when my needle breaks and flies up into the air! i am always so paranoid that it is going to hit me in the eye.
good luck with it! :)