Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Making stuff for El.

1. A sock. that means I'm committed to making the second sock pretty soon. She's a moving target, you know.

one little blue sock

2. A hat! Another Florida hat. She doesn't seem to mind hats, which is good because she doesn't have much hair yet. This was pretty easy to sew up (the bunny was good practice) and looks cute on her. The view I used is the blue hat on the bottom right of the pattern.

Another Florida Hat

3. A crib! This is my nephews' crib. We're very thankful that my sister was ready to part with it. (Talk about perfectly spaced cousins!) It is beautiful and El is right at home in it already.

Hooray A Crib!

Once I'm done with the baby sock, I think I'm going to start a sweater for La.

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