Thursday, April 10, 2008


OK. In no particular order.

I. Things are trucking on the switcheroo. DH and my dad built the loft bed from Ikea. We may need to shorten it a smidge. Here are some photos to catch you up with where we are. First the boy's room, then the girls'.


1. The finished Floor.
Finished Floor

2. It's curtains for you.

3. FLOR samples. Fedora and House Pet. He likes the red on the top right. FLOR Samples
4. The newly assembled loft bed.
Loft Bed - Ikea


1. Area rug made of FLOR tiles. The airplanes were on clearance.
FLOR airplanes

2. Trying out the garland (pennant. Bunting. Used Car Lot flags? Streamers? Prayer Flags? Triangles suspended from Bias Tape? Whatever.)

II. Knitting
A. Finished the blankey for El. I'm not sure how I feel about the colors still, but DH really likes it. Hopefully Ellie will too.

Ellie's Blanket

B. Baby Socks for El. The Mim Knits pattern again. Leftover Lorna's Laces (Icehouse?) From the Jaywalkers I made for my sister.
baby socks for Ellie

C. When I went from working on the blanket to the socks, there was quite a chorus of "You never knit anything for me" from La. So, I went back to working on the couch blanket, which is a project she dreamed up. No new photo, though. It was a hassle and a half to get it back on the needles.

III. Sewing
Been doing a lot of clean up work with sewing. Finished a pair of languishing shorts for La - only needed elastic. Finished the doll quilt for La (haven't photographed it yet). Made the curtains and finished the garland. Bound the watercolor quilt. Now it just needs to be dropped off at the LQS. Not sure what's next on the agenda - more pants and shorts for the girls? A dress for me? Finishing the two Linus quilts that I started on Maternity leave (they need to be sandwiched and quilted)? Hopefully soon I'll be able to finish El and the Monkey's quilts.

Watercolor Quilt

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