Monday, May 19, 2008

Easy Come, Easy Go

Little Red Sweater

I started this sweater for El. It was coming right along.

Then I started the sleeves. And they were fiddly. I can totally see why the directions are set up the way they are, with a seam down the inside of the sleeve (and down the sides of the sweater).

The sleeves, I started working in stockinette in the round. I know how hard it is to get that little girl's thumb through long sleeves and can't imagine it getting any easier this winter. The yarn looked soooo much better in stockinette.

I tried the sweater on El, while still on the needles and it didn't really close well.

I looked in the inside and could see strange pooling. And the lace didn't look great in the varigated colors.

I never really liked how the button holes were (a)I mis-remembered the directions so they were one stitch over from where they should be (b)I forgot to start them when I should (c)there was a third problem but it flew right out of my head.

The sweater is well on it's way to becoming yarn once again. One day it might be a plain stockinette sweater. I'm still debating pullover or cardigan. There are a couple classics in a Debbie Bliss book I have.

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