Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Friday Night Sewing

Friday nights, DH and the Monkey go to play D&D. Last Friday, I made it to Joann's for lunch (expensive lunch). Saturday, I went to my niece's birthday party. Coincidence? I think not.

My niece had a gift list going at the toy store. There seemed to be two themes - princess and dolls/mommy. We got her a Fisher Price 3-in-1 high chair (also converts to a baby swing and bassinet) and a set of "magic" bottles. Putting something like this together seemed natural.

I came to an age old quandary: how do you make sure the corners match up. In this case I "squore up" the two segments I had, and one line of boxes is no longer square. But the corners match. Which is more important?

The pink border is an accident that turned into a design decision - It's the pink flower material, but inside out. I have trouble with "Right sides together" when I'm tired. I decided I liked it better because it gives it a softer, springier, more feminine feel and those two pink squares on the right edge and the border are different colors now.
doll quilt

here's the back - I used the flannel that is left over from the PJ pants I made her for Christmas.
doll quilt back

I need to make something pretty like this for La now. But in blue, she says.

Summer dresses
These summer dresses were "impulse buys" - The fabric was 40% off, and I had just seen a really cute one here. I loved the idea of coordinated, (and tailored to personalities) but not super matchy dresses for cousins close in age. The pink is for my niece and the blue is for La. Hopefully it still fits after it's washed. It was really super simple - I turned up the bottom edge twice, then guestimated how big to make the chest. La had already gone to bed when I remembered that I needed to measure her, so I took the number off of the back of a pattern. And made it a little smaller (seemed like it should have negative ease.) I'm happy to report that both girls wore it right away.

Topics to come: the sweater for El. (now in it's third try). And the curtains are up in both of the kid rooms. Need to remember to photograph.

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