Monday, May 05, 2008

Hey Look! Knitting!

February Baby Sweater

I finished this sweater for La today. Ends woven in and everything. Well, it needs buttons. But except for that. Now, I think it needs a sundress. And then she'll have a fabulous ensemble for Pre-K graduation.

Here are the deets:

Yarn - Plymouth Encore Worsted (colorspun)
Needle - size 8 circular needle.
Pattern - Elizabeth Zimmermann's February Baby Sweater on Two Needles.
Notes -
1. The numbers/gauge worked out so that the numbers in the book worked for my 5 year old (Babies come in all sizes?).
2. Inspired by this one (Ravelry), and La trying it on when I had just split for the sleeves and her saying she wanted it "just like that". She approved of the one on Ravelry.
3. I went back and read notes from Ashley of Dogged. and Jared of BrooklynTweed for making it more seamless.
4. Once I thought I was finished with the yoke, I ran a lifeline through it, just in case. Then I started the first pattern row: Garter border, First pattern row for 15% of the sts. CO 7, skip the allocated sleeve stitches (20% of the sts), first pattern row for 30% of the sts, CO 7, skip the stitches for the next sleeve, then first pattern row for the other half of the front, garter for the border. wash rinse repeat until it's long enough. Garter stitch bottom edge.
5. For the ruffley sleeves, I ran my needle back through those lifelined sleeve stitches, k1 row, purl one row, k1f&b for all stitches, purl back, k1F&B for all stitches, bind off in purl. Repeat for 2nd sleeve. Purling and binding off those 112 stitches just about killed me. definitely killed any desire to make a "Potato Chip Scarf".
6. I'm not sure that I did the increases in the yoke "right".

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