Saturday, May 03, 2008

Switcheroo Update

(Hopefully) I recently discovered how to schedule posts. Or you're getting an onslaught of posts. Who knows.

El and La were sick this week. During the 2 hours of torture where I made La go without TV (and El was snoozing), we did some work in her room.

1. We made some room at the foot of her bed. Now you can safely reach the hamper. The "treasure box" (from Ikea) has the dress up clothes. Is it wrong to love the dichotomy of Hannah Montana and the Space Shuttle?
Foot of the bed

2. We made use of the top shelf of the closet. La got to pick out what stuffed animals to keep. Frankly, she didn't remember that she had lots of them. And we hung up the fairy pictures from her old room.
Using the top shelf

3. We started to clear out a place for her bookshelf. It'll go in the half of the closet that is behind the crib. The long blue dress you see is an Ao Dai that belonged to their Grandma Ngo (Each of the granddaughters got one). We're going to have to find a new spot for the pretend stove and pretend sink (that my dad built for my sister and I when we were La's age.)
Closet space

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