Friday, June 20, 2008

Finished Stuff For Ellie

I made some appliqued onesies during my last set of D & D sewing. I think they turned out pretty well. I used cookie cutters for the shapes, Wonder-Under for the fusible web and a zig-zag stitch in the polka-dot color to make sure it stays put. Martha Stewart's siter has some good general directions and a template for a French Bulldog picture. The top row are 18month sized onesies for later and the bottom two are in El's current size.

Appliqued Onesies

We took a road trip last weekend to Charlotte. All three kids are very good travelers. The DVD player and a supply of Green Tea Ginger Ale probably didn't hurt anything either. I managed to get both sleeves and both button bands done on El's sweater on the drive up. Now I need to sew on buttons and weave in the ends.

Sweater for Ellie

Pattern Notes: I think it's sort of a regular old top-down raglan cardigan. A good baseline is at CosmicPlutoKnits. The ribbing is 3x3. The cuff and hem ribbing is kind of deep. I slipped the first stich on each row and picked them up to make the button band. I may need to stabilize the neck, where the ribbing ends and the stockinette starts.

Yarn and Needles: Size 5 needles, Heavyweight Socks that Rock in Mustang Sally.

Upshot: I am very happy with this sweater and hope that it is cold enough to use at the same time as it fits Ellie.

While in Charlotte, I started a sweater for me out of some Classic Elite Skye Tweed, but frogged it. I'm not sure if it is the yarn-needle combination (earthy, slubby yarn, plastic needles) but it was just uphill all the way. So I cast on for the sweater for DH with Cascade 128 and it's really fun so far. However, just as the other sweater was too small for him, this one may be too big. Hopefully pictures soon.

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Anonymous said...

Love your Onesies! My best friend is the first of us childhood friend to become pregnant, but she's living in Tokyo... The Japanese are very into homemade gifts, and I thought I'd make a baby shower in a box for her. My husband can silkscreen, so I might draw some designes for him to screen onto the onesies, but I rather like the idea of the applique!