Thursday, September 04, 2008

Well....aside from the sickness....

60% of our household is currently on some sort of antibiotics. There's nothing like getting sick to get you into bed at the time you've been saying you need to go to bed for weeks. It's been kind of an adventure.

I don't have any good reason, but I started some socks last week. I wanted something mindless (um, I have 2 other stockinette projects on the needles), something portable (I have not taken this anywhere and don't even have a knitting bag for it), something new (must be it.)

More Lucy Sock

It's Socks that Rock in Lucy. It was already wound, ready to go. I had forgotten that I wanted to use the Jitterbug next. The cuff is some sort of odd rib pattern that I made up. These are sort of quick and dirty socks. I'm not completely happy with it, but, OTOH, I didn't feel like stopping to look anything up, and I didn't. Sometimes you get what you get.

On a related note, El seems to have a merino problem. So, next up is some sort of blankie in STR Henpecked (she got to pick of the two STR hanks I had in my stash.)

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