Sunday, September 07, 2008

Sewing gifts

1. Blankets for new babies. An old coworker (and classmate), another old classmate, and one of my husband's old coworkers. Hunh. 1 boy, 1 girl, 1 TBD. I need to wash them after they've sat out in the house of sick. I hope I can remember who's who.


2. The birthday gift for my sister. I was all set to bring these when we went down for Labor Day weekend, except for the house of sick happened. Now I need to wash them and find a box.

A. Here's the beach blanket top. Beach Blanket Top

B. Here it is put together with the back. Beach Blanket - done!

C. Here's a tote to carry it in. Made from the sheet used for the back. Tote for the Beach Blanket

The quilt was made from 8x10 rectangles. The flower print was part of my "heirloom stash" from Grandma Mercier. The tonal greens and blues were just a couple of fat quarter packs from Joann's. The backing fabric is a Lilly Pulitzer queen sized sheet from TJ Maxx. (What says Palm Beach County beach blanket more than Lilly Pulitzer??? ) The finished size is probably equivalent to a lap quilt. Or, about the size of my dad's Mohawk Airlines blanket, which we always took to the beach as kids.

Oh, and I also made a garbage bag for the back seat (of my car) out of some of the leftover sheet. Still have more leftover.

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