Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Scarf and hat

Here are the new scarf and hat, in action. The scarf is a basic sideways garter stitch scarf, the hat is similar to the Garter Stripe Beanie by Terhi Montonen (Mustaa Villaa). It could be a little bigger, but it fits for now.
Hat and Scarf set.

And here's a picture of El wearing the sweater I knit for her this summer. I need to take one of her in the sweater my aunt knit. It's more pastel-y and her blue eyes really pop when she's wearing it.
El in the leaves.

And finally, the view from my Grandpa's driveway, if you look away from the road and away from the house (it would be down the road, if the road continued.) The familiar sights of my grandparents' town really looked a lot different in fall colors. I don't know that I've ever been (maybe once?) at this time of year - it looks so much different than June or March or January. A picture like this is now my phone wallpaper.

After the road ends


ScW said...

So where is that? Other than not in Orlando...

2monkeys_mom said...

We went to my grandparents house - Whitesboro NY, which is in upstate New York, outside Utica.